Best Eco-Friendly Products on Amazon

If you care about the environment and really want to support small businesses but still use Amazon – I completely get it.

I recently researched and wrote about whether shopping on Amazon is environmentally friendly, and came to the conclusion that on some occasions I will continue to use them based on their recent improvements towards sustainable business practices.

However, there are far more ethical alternatives to Amazon that are UK-based and only stock sustainable products, so if you’re really looking to shop better you should check out my recommendations.

It is possible to browse through Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly products, however I thought I’d create a list of some of the best eco-friendly products on Amazon – all of which I have bought myself!

I’ve also made it nice and easy to filter through by splitting up each item into categories 👌

Don’t forget if you love these products you can order them using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature to get around 5% off!

Cleaning Essentials

Composty® Compostable Kitchen Sponges

I’ve been using compostable kitchen sponges for a long time now, and I must say, they’ve been just as effective as regular sponges.

I usually use a dishwasher as it’s more efficient than handwashing, but for bits that need to be hand washed these sponges are tough and have a rough textured feel that cleans your delicate glasses and pans without leaving scratches.

These sponges, along with their packaging, are entirely plastic-free and fully compostable! You can easily extended their lifetime too by giving them a soak in boiling water or running them through a dishwasher.

When it’s time to bid them adieu, I simply toss them into my compost bin, knowing they’ll give back to the environment. Although I will warn they do take quite a long time to break down.

And the cherry on top? With every pack you buy, Composty® plants a tree on your behalf through their partnership with ‘Eden Reforestation Projects.’ It’s a small gesture that makes a world of difference.

Miniml Eco Washing Up Liquid

Miniml have a range of eco-friendly cleaning products, but I love their large washing liquids.

Miniml’s plant-based washing up liquid is effective on dirty dishes, including grease, yet it’s incredibly gentle on sensitive hands. I’ve found it to be versatile: being suitable for lots of materials and surfaces, like sideboards and the stovetop.

This washing up liquid doesn’t contain any chlorine bleaches, solvents, sulphates, parabens, phosphates, or lots of other nasties. It’s also vegan approved, cruelty-free, and locally manufactured right here in the UK.

Miniml takes their commitment to sustainability a step further. They encourage customers to send back empty bottles for free for professional cleaning and reuse. I usually fill up my small soap dispenser until the large tub is done and then send it back to Miniml to cut back on waste.

You’ll get just as good a clean as the big brand stuff!

Miniml Eco Liquid Laundry Detergent

Again, Miniml is my go-to for washing detergent. Much like their washing up liquid, the laundry detergent is also vegan and cruelty-free and the container can be sent back to be re-used.

If you prefer to get your detergent from the same place, they also offer a fabric softener too!

I always clothes at low temperatures, and this detergent cleans dirty clothes really well. I’m currently converting a van, so my clothes get greasy and mucky from all the DIY and Miniml’s laundry detergent does a great job at lifting the dirt away.

You can also dilute a couple of capfuls of Miniml’s detergent in warm water to handwash delicate clothing – which is really handy!

Homethings Dishwasher Tablets

A lot of dishwasher tablets contain toxic ingredients that are harmful to the environment when washed down the drain. On top of that, lots of tablets have plastic wrappers 🤨

The most sustainable dishwasher tablet that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or a plastic wrapper (and actually works well) is Homethings Dishwasher Tablets.

Having tried Smol and finding lots of unwashed cutlery and dishes, Homethings Dishwasher tablets are much better at getting all your cookware and utensils clean.

Homethings tablets are wrapped in a suspiciously plasticky wrapper, however, the wrapper is actually PVOH (a biodegradable material) that will not contribute to the microplastic problem.

As a bonus, Homethings is a cruelty-free vegan product and made within the EU.

These tablets are currently my top choice on my list of the most environmentally friendly dishwasher tablets.

Ecozone Rinse Aid

Eco-friendly rinse aid is really hard to find! I can only find it online from a select few brands.

On top of that, a lot of brands only sell it in really quantities that I don’t have enough space for in my kitchen. It seems petty but I am forced to buy these smaller plastic bottles for the time being…

That said I have been using Ecozone rinse aid for a few weeks now and am really impressed with how well it works. I live in an area with really hard water and I can’t get anything clean without using rinse aid!

This rinse aid is a non-toxic and vegan-friendly formula that is safe for sensitive skin and appliances. The rinse aid is suitable for use with all makes and models of dishwashers and is septic tank safe.

It is also approved by Allergy UK and PETA, and I really like that the formula contains natural ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals, palm oil, and animal products.


Who Gives a Crap Toilet Roll

Who Gives a Crap (WGAC) was our household loo roll of choice for a long time due to their convenience and commitment to sustainability.

According to the NRDC’s Issue with Tissue report, recycled toilet paper like WGAC stands out as a more sustainable choice compared to Bamboo. So, if you’re on the lookout for the greenest option, they are a must-have.

Half of their profits are also donated to charities like Water Aid, which works tirelessly to build toilets around the world. This means every purchase contributes to a global cause, turning everyday essentials into a force for good.

While it’s a top contender in sustainability, it unfortunately does just miss out on the top spot of my list of the best eco-friendly toilet paper. Nevertheless, for an eco-friendly toilet roll that leaves a positive impact, Who Gives a Crap stands tall as one of the best choices out there!

Faith In Nature Natural Coconut & Shea Butter Shampoo Bar

I’m a relative newcomer to using shampoo bars as I was always sceptical of whether they would work well with my mixed-race hair – but I can’t recommend these enough!

These shampoo bars do a great job of cleaning without stripping your hair with lots of nasty chemicals. They are also super portable for taking on trips away.

What makes shampoo bars so good is that unlike regular liquid shampoo they are zero waste! Faith in Nature’s shampoo bars come in a cardboard box that can be composted or recycled.

Being Vegan Society approved and cruelty-free, it’s a reassurance that my choice is not only good for me, but also for our furry friends.

Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant Crystal

One of my favourite eco-friendly alternatives is Salt of the Earth’s Deodorant Crystal, which was by far my favourite eco-friendly deodorant.

The deodorant crystal is made of Potassium Alum, a natural mineral salt. The crystal is Leaping Bunny approved and vegan friendly.

It looks and feels like a regular roll-on deodorant, except it’s dry, so either apply the deodorant straight after a shower or run the crystal under the tap if you’ve already dry.

One aspect that might not sway you is that it isn’t an antiperspirant so it won’t stop you sweating.

However what I love about this crystal deodorant is how long it lasts. Without exaggerating I had been using the same crystal every day for over a year! For around £5 that is unbelievably good value.

I’ve taken it to music festivals, long sweaty hikes, and climbing sessions and it’s really effective at keeping you from smelling for an entire day and night. I fully recommend reading my in-depth review!

Waken Spearmint Toothpaste

I’ve had mixed experiences with eco-friendly toothpaste, some of them taste pretty awful! However since we tried Waken’s toothpaste we haven’t looked back.

If you’re looking for the exact same experience as the big brand toothpaste’s you’ll get just that with Waken: it tastes nice, leaves you breath fresh, and isn’t budget-breaking.

The spearmint flavour (which is the only one I’ve tried) is created with natural mint and botanical extracts. This toothpaste also has added fluoride for cavity protection, giving you even more reason to smile.

As a vegan-friendly product certified by the Vegetarian Society, Waken’s toothpaste is suitable for anyone else embracing a plant-based lifestyle. The sustainable packaging is another win for Waken. The recycled aluminum tube is not only eco-friendly but also endlessly recyclable.

Household Essentials

Recyclable Paper Packing Tape

Easily one of the most annoying things about clearing up after a birthday or Christmas is separating the wrapping destined for the waste bin or the recycling.

These recyclable tape rolls are really hard to find in local shops and can turn your present or parcel wrapping plastic-free!

It’s pretty heavy-duty stuff, so it works for wrapping presents or for sealing parcels that your sending.

Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags

I have a dog that poops like a trooper so it’s pretty important I’m not using up to 4 plastic bags per day to clear up after her!

Now these products aren’t perfect – although they claim to be biodegradable, they won’t be able to be composted at home – so make sure you put them in a waste collection bin.

Truth be told there’s a lot of different brands to choose from on Amazon, some are scented, some have handles on the bags, and some will not be compatible with those plastic bag holders.

This particular one is my favourite, as it comes packaged in a completely recyclable box!

Biodegradable Bin Bags

Any way to use less plastic is a win. These biodegradable bin liners ensure that those black bin bags are kept out of landfills.

Similar to the dog bags, these bin liners are made of a type of bioplastic. This particular product is made of a material called Mater-Bi which has been certified by regulations as biodegradable – but I haven’t yet tested this in my home compost.

The best thing to do is to put them in your normal waste bin. Despite the conflicting information about their ability to break down naturally, these products made of bioplastics do have much lower carbon footprint to produce at least.


Portable Solar Charger

I do lot of camping and hiking taking lots of photos while I’m at it, so my portable solar charger is super useful for charging my phone and devices on the go without having to charge them up from a mains plug.

Granted, this product is not the biggest leap towards sustainability, but I’m a big advocate for making use of renewable energy!

This charger is really durable, doing well in wet and rugged conditions and is really handy being able to charge two devices at once.

If like me you like getting out and about, it’s got a really handy bright flashlight and a compass. I’ve had my charger for over 5 years now and taken it travelling to three continents – and it’s never let me down!

Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights

When I first bought my house, these were one of the first items I bought, and have remained one of the best cheap buys that I’ve bought to improve my home.

I’ve used these outdoor solar lights by the back and front door, and on the drive. They are really bright, have never lost charge and switch on automatically as it senses motion.

As an absolute newcomer to DIY fitting them was easy, there’s no wiring to do: you just need to place them where they’ll get at least a couple of hours of direct sunlight every day.

I buy a lot of these products simply because it’s a lot more convenient for me to do so than to travel out of my way to buy them. I can and will do better, hopefully this list will get smaller over time!

If you loved these recommendations, you’ll love my ever growing list of zero waste swaps that I’ve categorized – there are dozens of eco-friendly products on there!

Let me know if you’ve got any of these products and if there’s any that I should try out 💚

Omar Agor-Wood
Omar Agor-Wood

Omar is a digital marketer by day for one of the UK's largest environmental consultancy companies, and is writing like the world depends on it for Pick Ethical at night. He has a passion for hiking, bouldering, and making a fuss of his dog.

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